Safe Consumption and Practices

Consumption Safety

Safe Consumption and Practices

We have all had that friends or heard the anecdotal story of someone consuming cannabis in one of its various forms and have a bad time. The “high” was disorienting or they were unable to function in their normal capacity. I’m hear to tell you that is not the typical experience of a medical cannabis patient.

Most negative reactions stemming from cannabis consumption are due to over consumption. Everyone should always consult with their physician before consuming cannabis, there are medical conditions and other drug interactions that can also lead up to unwanted effects when coupled with cannabis consumption. With that being said Medical cannabis is an alternative medication to your typical pharmaceuticals that usually have no to minimal side effects. Anxiety and increased heart rate are among the most common negative effects. Most symptoms or side effects can be mediated by remaining calm, taking deep calming breaths and drinking some water.

A lot of medical patients who have experience consuming cannabis in their past have a rapport with this medicine and know how best to approach its consumption. With the standardization and regulation of the Medical Cannabis industry we are seeing stronger and more reliable products being produced. So, even if you have consumed cannabis in the past, starting low and going slow is going to still be the best practice. This allows a patient to titrate a regime that is going to provide them with the best result for their condition or ailments. There are many methods of consumption to consider: Smoking, Vaporizing, Sublingual, (Edibles which will not be sold in Maryland), Dermal patches, Lotions, Tinctures, Pills, Infused drinks and many many more. These methods have different routes of administration and subsequently different onset times, these are factors that should all be considered when considering Medical Cannabis

New users should consult with their Doctor or Dispensary agent on what would work best for them. The song remains the same though. Starting off with low doses and getting used to the effects from medical cannabis in that fashion is going to result in the best consumption practices. This will help you to not over consume or reach undesirable effects. It should not take too long before you to have a good understanding of medical cannabis and how its best going to aid you.

Here at PharmKent Wellness our staff are knowledgeable on all methods of consumption. We will be able to aid you in creating a safe, unique, and effective regiment of medical cannabis that will leave you feeling confident in your consumption practices. We will also have a Clinical director who is able to consult with you based upon your medical records. As you continue to use medical cannabis, you will become more accustomed to the effects that it provides and able to account for them more appropriately. Its worth while noting that there has never been a documented case of cannabis use leading to death, ever!