Is Medical Cannabis Right for me?

Medical cannabis

Is Medical Cannabis right for me?


As anecdotal and scientific information has begun to become more abundant and deliberated over, Medical Cannabis has been brought to the forefront of our daily lives. More and more states begin to legalize cannabis for medical use. We are up to 29 states and counting, many states have the proposition on their ballot for this coming year. A few have even taken the step and legalized cannabis for adult recreational use. So that breeds the question, Is Medical Cannabis right for me?

As much as I would like to say always 100% yes, the reality is that this is a medicine and should be considered in such a light. Frank and in-depth conversations should be had with a doctor knowledgeable in the cannabis field. These conversations are necessary to give a potential patient an understanding of how medical cannabis works, and what they can expect. You wouldn’t go to CVS and grab some Tylenol off the shelf and just start taking it willy nilly your first time. The same should be said of cannabis. While cannabis has rather innocuous side effects and has never been medically linked to any deaths, caution should still be advised. We wouldn’t want a new patient to over consume, not enjoy or get the relief they seek and then write medical cannabis off all together.

Starting low and going so is a mantra you will hear reverberated throughout the medical cannabis industry. Patients should keep a dosing log to track their progress, this will be key to determining if medical cannabis is truly right for you. We find that medical cannabis is a wonderful medicine, that helps so many people in so many ways, but only you can say whether it is right for you. At PharmKent our Patient Consultants are trained in the science involved in cannabis and will be able to use that knowledge to work with you in creating a continued regiment of medical cannabis use.

THC and CBD are the two most research cannabinoids (of many) in cannabis. THC being the cannabinoid that produces the psychoactive effects many people are familiar with. Most people are unaware that CBD has no psychoactive effect, and is often used to in conjunction with THC to curb/mediate those psychoactive effects. CBD is also used on its own as it has as many, if not more, medical benefits then THC. When considering cannabis, it is worthwhile to become familiar with cannabinoids to see what effects they have, so you can properly consider your options.