Maryland Medical Marijuana Time for the Consumer

Maryland Medical Marijuana Time for the Consumers Services

The fall of 2017 will promise to be a benchmark season for the medical marijuana industry in Maryland. With some twenty cleared to grow, process and sell the plant four years after legalization in the state the art of consumer care and services should evolve at a rapid pace. In coming months, plants will flower in heavily secured facilities, and be harvested and taken to an independent laboratory for quality testing, with some processed into oils, creams and capsules. They’ll end up available for purchase on dispensary shelves around the start of the new year, according to industry officials. First, you must register as a patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. For children to receive medical cannabis, at least one parent or guardian must register as a caregiver. See this link on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Program website. Then you need a certification from a doctor who is already registered with the commission. An expansion of the law also allows nurse practitioners, dentists, podiatrists and midwives to certify patients to use medical cannabis. Dispensaries will check an online database of certifications before selling marijuana to patients. The registry is available on the cannabis commission’s website. A main focus for PharmKent, LLC still working on its licensing and build of its facility will be consumer care. Parking will be ample and delivery to the consumer is planned. If needed special private waiting rooms will be designed in the dispensary. "Our goal is to be local and discreet... says one of the PharmKent founders, Brad Johnson. "We believe that the key is to be a trustworthy friend to our customers."